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  • Updates:
  • Coming Soon, we will announce our Anastasia Estates near Sedona Arizona ground breaking celebration
  • We are accepting reservations to our 300 acre organic farm community in Springfield Illinois
  • We are no longer endorsing Costa Rica due to crime, corruption and abuse towards tourists and foreigners


Why Settle for Just a House? When You can have it All!



  • All Purchase levels are welcome! Receive everything listed… using $100,000 purchase as example:
  • 1. You get brand new 1,000 sq ft Home = $300,000 Value (includes Solar Energy, Wind Energy, Rain Water Catchment)
  • 2. You get all our Pay It Forward Anastasia amenities, opportunities & benefits = $Priceless Value (please inquire)
  • 3. You get 1st pick of TRIPLE SIZE home site = $75,000 Value
  • 4. You get Profit Sharing based on your % of ownership in all our Online Businesses  & Onsite Businesses
  • 5. You get 20,000 gifted Equity Shares = $140,000 Value (as a means to early retirement via your own annual profit sharing)
  • 6. You get one gifted Online Store with 700,000+ product-items = $30,000 Value + $Priceless Future Value (for your own daily sales income)

1) New Homes from $25,000 include Businesses Profit Sharing, Solar Energy and Rain Water Catchment systems
2) Home Purchase includes Organic Farm with super foods and holistic herbs


Home ownership and cash flow go hand in hand at Anastasia’s Self Sustaining Communities

. Choose Your home size – We can customize to fit your needs
(but act fast as prices are subject to change based on material or any costs that we do not control)

  1. 500 sf basic home = $18,000 to $22,000 without solar and without rain water catchment at $25-$35 per square foot total, and you can add the solar and rain water systems later
  2. 500 sf all inclusive home = $25,000 to $35,000 Sustainable All Inclusive Homes $50-$60 per square foot total

Below is an example of Anastasia’s $30 per square foot Off Grid Combo which includes Solar & Wind Energy, Rain Water System. This package includes Main Home plus Guest House  total cost = $88,000 while supplies last
… includes organic farm; organic food and restaurant, amenities, onsite business profits, land is payed by your onsite businesses, extra income via our online businesses.
Anastasia’s Off Grid Home and Guest Home Combo Includes Solar-Wind Electricity, Rain Water Catchment and more for less than $50 per square foot:


1. OffGridComboMinisterio

  • •24ft by 45ft main house = 1,125sq/ft
  • • 25ft by 30ft deck
  • • Studio apartment of 25ft by 25ft = 625sq/ft
  • • Upper deck 23ft by 23ft. Total sq/footages
  • • 1,750 living space with 1,279sq/ft of deck space.
  • • This design offers two living spaces within the same footprint, one main house with a studio suite apartment, each fully self-sustainable, but connected by a common deck.
  • • Cost for this NetZero project home are based on pricing as of 07/2012, all pricing is subject to change.
  • • Note: the pricing is for basic finish out only any upgrades or added systems will raise the cost.
  • • The walls, floor and roof systems are constructed out of 6’’ SIP panels (Structural Insulated Panels) with an R-value of 39.8. These SIP panels are made of EPS insulation polystyrene cores closed cell, with both sides’ skins with galvalume metal, these come in multiple texture finishes and 20 different colors and can be one color on one side and a different color on the other side.
  • • Total square feet of SIP panes 3,946sq/ft 6’’ at $8.70 per/sq/ft = $ 34,330.20
  • • Foundational upright beams with I beams floor joust 3,975.00
  • • Low-E Windows & Doors 5,550.00
  • • Metal studs and C –channel interior framing 1,850.00
  • • Interior flooring 5,650.00
  • • Cabinet’s kitchen and bath with counter tops 3,600.00
  • • Pluming and fixtures 2,850.00
  • • LED lighting system lamps and fixture 1,875.00
  • • Decking and railing 2,500.00
  • • Subtotal 62,180.20
  • • 1,750 sq/ft living space at 62,180.20 = 35.53 per/sq/ft

Our Combo Includes Renewable energy systems

• 1-WT6500 WindTronics wind turbine 4,500.00
• 15-230Watt Solar panels 4,125.00
• 1-5000 Watt Power Inverter 24 volt DC by AIMS 675.00
• 1-40 Amp MPPT Solar charge controller by AIMS Power 575.00
• 4-Gel Battery, 12V, 225 amps by Deka Maintenance Free 3,100.00
• 4/0 AWT Cables – Up to 5500 watts for connecting batteries 500.00
• 1-Solar Hot water heating system 1,600.00
• Subtotal 15,075.00
• Note: A solar HV/AC split cool & heat system can be add for $3,000.00 USD

Our Combo Includes Renewable water system

• 1-interior air to water generator 5 to 8 GL of drinking water per day 1,300.00
• 1-rain water harvesting system 1500GL 2,500.00
• 1- Gray Water Bio-Tech Recycling Systems 1,800.00
• 1- Black Water Bio-Tech Septic System 1,500.00
 Subtotal 5,600.00
 Subtotal 82,855.20
• Shipping to port in Costa Rica 3,000.00
• Tech and labors two weeks 2,645.00
o Total finish out cost 88,500.00
• 1,750sq/ft living space and 1,279sq/ft of deck space, for a total build out of 3,029sq/ft
• Price per/sq/ft for living space only 1,750sq/ft = $50.57
• Price for total combined build out per/sq/ft $29.21.

This beautiful self-sustainable home features renewable water and energy systems integrated into a state of the art panelized construction design.
The home is constructed out of super-efficient MagBoardTM, material that is highly structural, fire, mold and insect-resistant. This panelized system has a very high thermodynamic insulating factor that is far superior to any conventional building material. The exterior and interior sheathing is easy to finish out with no need to apply any other materials unless so desired. It also uses an EPS insulated core that has consistently outperformed competing insulation materials. MagBoardTM construction eliminates air infiltration into or out of the home, without rot or mold and is superior in its ability to resist fire. The panelized construction is faster, cleaner, and all walls are plumb and straight every time.
By using this panelized construction system we have simplified the home building process and made it more cost efficient. This is because it eliminates the site labor of framing, insulating, vapor barrier, and sheathing, saving both time and money. Due to the fact that the MagBoardTM panelized construction system simplifies the home building process there is no need for highly skilled tradesmen to construct the main structure. The MagBoardTM is a complete structural system with no need for site framing
The information within this document is designed to give you an overview of the components that we use to design and build a fully integrated self-sustainable building or home. Please take the time to review these systems going into the state of the art self-sustainable home.
#1 This diagram presents the basic wall connection:

The cost for this type of home is lower than conventionally built homes, plus there is no monthly utility bill. By designing a home that uses 60% less water and 80% less energy with no grid tie needed, the homeowners will save thousands of dollars up front and over the life of the home.

In addition, the homeowners will be living in a home that is healthier with no negative environmental impact and will also have a more sustainable lifestyle

This building design offers all of the features listed below at a lower cost factor than conventional building systems because it is:

“80% More Energy Efficient”
• Wind Resistant up to 190mph
• Earthquake Resistant to 10.0R
• Fire Resistant
• Mold and Mildew Resistant
• Water Resistant
• Termite Proof
• Superior “R” Values
• Low Maintenance
• Discounted Homeowners Insurance
#2 Air to Water Technology and Rain Water Harvesting System!
Our fully integrated self-sustainable homes have a four stage renewable water system. The usable water within this home comes from an air to water machine plus a rain water harvesting system.
Our air to water system is capable of producing up to 50 gallons (189.27 liters) of fresh water per day and larger units that can produce up to 300 gallons (1135.62 Liters) per day.

Carat S packages home and garden – ECO-Plus, Rain Water Harvesting System.

All potable (drinkable) water is filtered by a five stage filtration system and is pressurized using DC pumps that are powered by renewable energy systems

Water filtration and pressurizing systems


All homes start with some form of fresh water that ends up as grey or black water. In conventional homes this water is simply discharged out from the home. By using sustainable biotechnology we maximize our uses of all the water coming into and out of the home. Our home features a recyclable grey water system integrated into a courtyard garden to maximize water usage and to treat the remaining grey water for reuse.


Grey water is treated and recycled on site

By recycling the grey water for reuse in the black water system and for washing clothing, this home uses sixty percent less fresh water than a conventional home. All the water systems are simple and easy to install and require low maintenance. This allows this home to be fully self-sustainable with no need to be connected to any outside water systems. Our biotechnology usage only treats grey water for washing clothing and to supply the needed water to restrooms.

The black water coming from the restroom is treated using the same biotechnology as the grey water system but the black water only feeds landscaping plants. This black water system is fully self-contained with no leach field, leaching black water back into ground water. Plus, the methane gas can be recycled to run a generator for backup power to the home.

Bio Garden (Natural Water Cleansing System)

The home also includes a four stage renewable energy system that allows the home to be completely energy independent.

Solar Water Heater: Cost effective solar hot water with SPP solar water heater systems & solar water heating solutions.
SPP offers complete installation-ready solar water heating system kits, as well as a wide range of individual components including collectors, tanks, heat exchangers, pumps, controllers, valves, fittings and more. SPP also provides free training, engineering and design assistance to its customers. Below, see some of the things that make the SPP-brand collectors the top choice for both commercial and residential solar water heating systems.

So what makes the SPP-30 the world’s best and most efficient solar water heater collector? Our people do. The goal was to make a more durable, less costly, and easier to install collector that would outperform the competition in its solar thermal collection efficiency. We succeeded.

Off-Grid solar package
This system includes solar panels inverter lighting arrester voltage controller and batteries

The Honeywell Wind Turbine is designed to be installed by a licensed electrician wherever energy is consumed, turning homes and businesses from points of total consumption to distributed energy sources, in a cost effective and efficient manner.

100% DC = No Inverter = No Wasted Energy

The DC18 solar air conditioner has been designed to make the best possible use of costly solar photovoltaic panels. The DC18 will use fewer solar panels that would be required by the same capacity standard AC-powered air conditioner of the same max capacity running on solar panels through an inverter. The system is perfect for residential, commercial, telecom, portable classrooms or offices, or remote facilities where conventional or generator power is costly and/or unreliable.

The home also includes a closed loop geothermal system, using a 100-foot loop of 6-inch diameter flex pipe placed 2 feet underground with a temperature controlled DC fan system moving both hot and cold air out of the home as needed. The air being returned back into the home from this closed loop system is consistently 55 degrees. Due to the passive cool air design of this home and the thermodymamic building system there is no need for any HV/AC systems in most all climates.

6 in. x 100 ft. Polyethylene Perforated Corrugated Pipe

The home will have low –E triple pane windows and LED light systems, plus the highest energy efficient appliances.

All the appliances in the home are more efficient. As an example, a washing machine that uses about 60% less energy and over 50% less water. Energy Star sets specific guidelines for qualifying appliances, which manufacturers must demonstrate before a given product is certified.

These homes is also using green sustainable materials for all the interior and exterior finish-out, including all the furniture.

Eco-friendly Cabana Banana Chair by Home Styles. Its entire frame and fabric is made of 100% sustainable natural materials. The frames are hand woven of natural banana leaves with no harmful additives. Even the furniture legs are made of natural renewable wood.

Our Certifications include everything listed below:

Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED) is an internationally recognized green building certification system, providing third-party verification that a building or community was designed and built using strategies intended to improve performance in metrics such as energy savings, water efficiency, CO2 emissions reduction, improved indoor environmental quality, and stewardship of resources and sensitivity to their impacts.

NAHB’s National Green Building Program
The National Association of Home Builders recently unveiled its much-anticipated National Green Building Program, which builds on years of cooperation with local programs. New homes can be awarded national certification based on three levels: bronze, silver and gold.
Each home gets scored on a checklist of seven categories: lot design, resource efficiency, energy efficiency, water efficiency, indoor environmental quality, operation and maintenance and global impact. Scores are verified by a NAHB Research Center-accredited third party.

The EPA’s blue-and-white Energy Star label has become quite well known when it comes to buying appliances, but few people know that they can also shop for Energy Star Qualified Homes, in addition to more than 18,000 certified products.
Energy Star for homes focuses exclusively on energy efficiency, and the guideline is that a participating structure must be at least 15 percent more efficient than homes built to the 2004 International Residential Code (IRC). In reality, many of the 200,000 homes that have thus far won the designation include energy-saving features that make them 20 to 30 percent more efficient than standard homes.

ICC Certification
What does it mean to earn the Legacy Certification? The International Code Council (ICC) Legacy Certification Program recognizes individuals who have demonstrated their knowledge about a broad spectrum of building codes, across many jurisdictions. Legacy Certifications grew out of a need to recognize individuals who were not only ICC Certified, but also certified in uniform codes, standards and practices, and certified under the jurisdiction of additional codes and agencies.

The above information is designed to give you an overview of all the systems that will be going into our fully integrated self-sustainable showcase home. This home will be one of the first of its kind in today’s housing market, showcasing a faster, cleaner, more intelligent way to design, build and live. We will be placing this showcase home in our Anastasia Estates “All Inclusive – Sustainable – Profit Sharing – Off Grid Communities in USA, Canada, Latin America, Europe, South Asia, Australia, and all of the state of the art self-sustainable building systems will be viewed by general public; developers, builders and government housing department heads. Our goal is to help humanity and planet… one person and community at a time!




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