Generous ROI for investors interested in Self Sustaining Breakthroughs

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Interested Investors can click here to review our Proprietary Prospectus and Executive Summary

  1. Confidentiality, Non-Disclosure and Non-Circumvent Rules apply.
  2. Company assets and technologies were developed since prior 2010.
  3. We have our 1st of many celebrity endorsements for public relations, other celebrities to follow.
  4. This is our final call to accept founding equity partners for full market launch.
  5. Large investors are reviewing this opportunity, and may purchase/close all founder partner positions.
  6. Founder share availability is limited, as big investors invest ($1,000,000.00’s) for full market launch.
  7. Call for assistance (310) 598-0316


Private Offering

  1. Our Non-profit Organization forecast is to surpass One Billion Dollars ($1,000,000,000.00) in humanitarian donations approximately 2020.
  2. Our Limited Liability Company forecast is to surpass $8.4 Billion annually (US currency $8,400,000,000.00) through basic life needs, humanitarian benefits, our own social revenue network (smarter than Facebook) offering revenue incentives & latest technologies.
  3. We anticipate purchase offers from corps like EBay, Microsoft, Amazon, Facebook, etc

Our offering is based on present day concerns in the hearts of many millions of people worldwide.
We offer solutions to Millions of people today are seeking to become self sustaining.
We offer solutions to Millions of people are confronted with job or income insecurities.

Our comprehensive solution will generate generous ROI to investors, by providing millions of people with simple steps & tools to become self sustaining via Subsidized Businesses worldwide, Subsidized Lands and Organic Farms worldwide, Subsidized Homes, Solar Energy, Rain Water Management, Waste Management (see our prospectus for business plan in section 5)

1. $100,000.00 combined total: The capital requirements are minimized because our team has already built the majority of the tools, departments and technologies needed to become profitable. We can become profitable with as little as $100,000.00 for our first 12 months.

2. $500,000.00 combined total: Our social media platform costs under $500,000.00 to develop and launch, and will take 1 ½ years to complete.

  • $7 Per Membership Interest
  • Regulation D
  • Section 32
  • Documentation, Subscription and Operating Agreements available upon request
  • All investments are on a profitability basis

Section 2: Tax Write Off? (you can participate via two similar choices below)

  1. Donate via our Non Profit Organization
  2. Invest via our Humanitarian Limited Liability Company
  3. Larger investors can call for support (310) 598-0316

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