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As mentioned in our other pages, we are no longer endorsing Costa Rica due to crime, corruption and abuse towards tourists and foreigners. However, our engineering firm is a strong part of our team and is in fact licensed in Costa Rica to serve as our in house consultants for Anastasia Estates communities anywhere and everywhere


  1. Our seasoned professionals have built communities since late 1960’s and have worked as a team together since 2005 under our prior entity.
  2. Effective 9:30 AM PDT, September 1, 2012, Anastasia received the official signature of our NOW resident engineer of Anastasia’s engineering firm in Costa Rica
  3. Congratulations to all the believers and volunteers, as of 8:30AM the executive director of Costa Rica’s Housing and Urban Development has signed on as Pay It Forward Anastasia’s resident engineer. This is a huge honor and speaks volumes for all of us that are making a difference for each other
  4. Monday morning I will submit all forms, signatures, and pay required fees to Costa Rica’s board of architects and engineers, for approval.
  5. Once approved Pay It Forward Anastasia, LLC, Costa Rica will be empowered to submit blue prints and sustainable off grid projects for approval through out Costa Rica
  6. And as of September 7, 2012, we have cause for celebration!!! Anastasia is NOW officially an Eco-Engineering, Architecture, and Eco-construction firm



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