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Imagine Gifted Businesses!

Anastasia’s Pay It Forward Profit Sharing is designed to pay your land in full and supplement your income… Anastasia reduces costs for its community members; creates jobs within our communities, and shares profits from various revenue streams on a profitability basis with its community members.

  • Life needs BELOW cost
  • Lands at NO payments
  • Homes BELOW cost
  • Businesses GIFTED for pay it forward living that gives you more time to connect to  yourself; loved ones, humanity and your guiding light (God, Source, Creator, Allah or whatever name you are familiar with)♥ Select a cause from our INDEX below, that inspires you to expand your LIFE and win a new Home in a pay it forward community

Share Profits from your very own businesses gifted by Anastasia Pay It Forward Communities, such as but not limited to the following:

  • -Organic Farm
  • -Organic Farm Distribution
  • -Grocery Retail Stores
  • -Organic Restaurants
  • -All Inclusive Pay It Forward Homes and Communities (core product)
  • -Tourism
  • -Travel Agency
  • -Hotel Services
  • -Resort Services
  • -Spa Services
  • -Sustainable Products
  • -Anastasia Software products and services
  • -Radio Station products and services
  • -Online stores / E-commerce
  • -Employment Agency
  • Many more positive income opportunities available
  • Our communities manage various cash flows to accommodate external obligations and to meet internal needs within communities; including an internal currency which offers equal compensation for time worked within our communities regardless of position or title.
  • We do this as an example to humanity and planet, to end exploitation and corruption such as one human being getting paid $50 daily to take care of your kids while attorneys or consultants get paid $5000 daily to destroy your competition or fellow man.
  • Employment and income opportunities within our community are as follows:
    • We have our own employment agency specializing in “off grid – sustainability”
    • There are many jobs and income opportunities for those of you that are open minded to online skills and remote office, or work at home employment.
    • We also have convenient onsite business amenities to support your remote businesses.
    • There are brick n mortar jobs and opportunities surrounding our communities
    • There are employment opportunities within our Anastasia Kins Domains communities
    • Recurring Monthly Revenue Per each Sale = $50 (example: 30 memberships = $1,500 monthly recurring) 

    • Standard Home Sales Compensation is 5% = $5,000 on a $100,000 sale (example: 30 home sales = $150,000.00 commissions)
    • We also assist you in gaining an additional $962.50 monthly from above mentioned $150,000 either as mortgagor or by depositing in a Costa Rica CD at 7.7%
    • 0% capital gains
    • Offshore permanent resident status to protect your assets and avail medical benefits
    • Offshore tax haven to protect your assets
    • Jobs related to our – organic food sales from our onsite farm
    • Jobs related to our – Local & Eco Tourism
    • Jobs related to our – Resort Hotel Services and Accommodations

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