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  • Coming Soon, we will announce our Anastasia Estates near Sedona, Florida ground breaking celebration
  • We are accepting reservations to our 300 acre organic farm community in Springfield Illinois
  • We are no longer endorsing Costa Rica due to crime, corruption and abuse towards tourists and foreigners



Like minded friends are the best extended family… Life is All Inclusive – You are All Inclusive – Anastasia is All Inclusive


  • Life needs BELOW cost
  • Lands at NO payments
  • Homes BELOW cost
  • Businesses GIFTED for PROFIT SHARING – pay it forward living!
    • 1st Profit sharing is used to pay your land in full
    • 2nd Profit Sharing is used to pay your Life Needs
  • Anastasia Homes are 100% Off The Grid (visit our Home Prices section for types & details)
  • 100% Sustainable and boast the following contributions to humanity and planet:
    • We create water from the humidity in Air to clean purified drinking Water
    • We manage Rain Water into clean usable and drinking water
    • Solar Energy
    • Wind Energy
    • Food and onsite organic farm
    • We reduce your carbon footprint by far… and we increase your quality of life!

All Inclusive Life – All Inclusive Living 

  • $995 pays for everything (visit our FAQ’s page after reading this particular page) produced and/or made available onsite within our communities! Includes home, transportation, resort & business amenities, full medical/dental, green sustainability, quality rain forest water, organic foods, tranquility, and priceless benefits for friends and family,  security, gated, and so much more… Community theme to nurture a sense of belonging, Rental Pool, Communications, Business Center, Conference Room, Restaurant, Entertainment / Recreation Area, Pool, Jacuzzis, Therapeutic Spa, Massage, Steam and Dry Saunas, Fitness Center, Hiking Trails, Canopy Tours, Waterfalls, Rivers, Creeks, Gardening and maintenance, Laundry Facilities. Onsite sustainable fresh organic food groups, energy, natural spring fresh water: Organic; Vegetables, Fruits, Holistic Herbs and spices, Fish, Shrimp, Eggs, Poultry, Rabbit, Pork, Rain Forest fresh air, and our resort homes are exchangeable within our growing family of all inclusive resort communities.


Share Profits from your very own ONSITE BUSINESSES gifted by Anastasia Pay It Forward Communities, such as but not limited to the following:

  • Our communities manage various cash flows to accommodate external obligations and to meet internal needs within communities; including an internal currency which offers equal compensation for time worked within our communities regardless of position or title.
  • We do this as an example to humanity and planet, to end exploitation and corruption such as one human being getting paid $50 daily to take care of your kids while attorneys or consultants get paid $5000 daily to destroy your competition or fellow man.

Employment and income opportunities within our community are as follows:

  • We have our own employment agency specializing in “off grid – sustainability”
  • There are many ONSITE jobs PLUS income opportunities for those of you that are open minded to online skills and remote office, or work at home employment.
  • We also have convenient onsite business amenities to support your remote businesses.
  • There are brick n mortar jobs and opportunities surrounding our communities
  • There are employment opportunities within our communities
  • Recurring Monthly Revenue Per each Sale = $50 (example: 30 memberships = $1,500 monthly recurring)
  • Standard Home Sales Compensation is 5% = $5,000 on a $100,000 sale (example: 30 home sales = $150,000.00 commissions)
  • We also assist you in gaining an additional $962.50 monthly from above mentioned $150,000 either as mortgagor or by depositing in a Costa Rica CD at 7.7%
  • 0% capital gains
  • Offshore permanent resident status to protect your assets and avail medical benefits
  • Offshore tax haven to protect your assets
  • Jobs related to our – organic food sales from our onsite farm
  • Jobs related to our – Local & Eco Tourism
  • Jobs related to our – Resort Hotel Services and Accommodations

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