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Please share this amazing True Story about a ”Tree of Life” Vision and January 9, 2010 Death/LIFE experience which became the basis for what is now Free Sustainability’s and other humanitarian companies

This brief summary starts with a recurring dream, followed by divine visitation given to our founder (Joseph) as a teenager. It all started with a recurring dream which consisted of multitudes of people, and a 1978 divine visitation which included the “Tree of Life” symbolizing how masses would achieve sustainable abundance.

Thirty two years later, like a seed matures at the appointed time, he would fully understand the 1978 visitation after a Death/LIFE experience at 7:38 AM on Jan 9, 2010.

In summary, “life is what happens while we’re busy making other plans”, so in 2005 Joseph started developing an elementary version of his ideas of sustainable communities. That particular project received congressional endorsement, numerous entitlements, and news coverage for sustainable creativity. Sadly the 2008 economic crash… crushed Joseph’s project into total loss, and on January 9, 2010 Joseph died in a horrible car accident as a passenger going down a steep mountain en route to visit the properties belonging to prior project… Jose Gabriel Corrales (RIP) died in the accident as well, sad to say Corrales did not return to life and left his lovely wife and young children alone.

For what ever reason Joseph was brought back to life, yet when he died and crossed over “into the light” he received a profound yet simple explanation about how his 1978 “Tree of Life” visitation would be used to help people and our planet. Shortly afterwards he heard voices asking him to come back, as he returned to his smashed body in the accident… the pain was unbearable (please keep in mind this is a summary)

After his #BACKTOLIFE experience Joseph was bed ridden eleven painful months uncertain if he would ever walk again, so he used that time of healing to engineer various key departments relating to his experiences into what is now a diversified humanitarian company called Pay It Forward Anastasia and also a nonprofit organization called Free Sustainability

From the crash and through the fire Joseph embraced and defined how a 1978 “Tree of Life” vision and his #BACKTOLIFE experience on January 9, 2010 would be dedicated to serve humanity today. All of the various departments in is company and non profit organization work in harmony to help people to take powerful life changing steps to help themselves by helping others.

The following five videos are about Joseph’s 1978 “Tree of Life” Vision and January 9, 2010 Death/LIFE experience which formed the foundation for what is now Pay It Forward Anastasia Humanitarian Company and Free Sustainability Non-Profit:


A simple question? Do you remember teaching your kids to share so he or she would have better relationships, and do you remember your parents teaching you to share?

Now consider the pros n cons of sharing in the context of adult real life and professional settings throughout history, and consider where your life as a separated individual is right here and now.

Now think for a minute about any success story like a world championship team; a super model, Thomas Edison, Walt Disney, etc, and you’ll see that SHARING and team work principals are always present throughout history by all success stories in one way, shape or form.

…. And so we have donated One Million Equity Shares (1,000,000), Opportunities, Simple Steps to Free Sustainability & Life Changing Opportunities for Yourself while helping others.

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